Tuesday May 5 @ 10:46pm
Tuesday May 5 @ 10:38pm


            Exercising with Woobin
            whale sign me up

Saturday May 5 @ 12:21am
The SECRETS of KPOP idols


Original Poster: shinee-exo

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Sunday Apr 4 @ 12:55am
And you know what’s the one wrong thing we all do when we fall in love: WE EXPECT. And it just ruins everything. (via strawberrytelle) Saturday Apr 4 @ 12:34pm
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Friday Jan 1 @ 04:38am
Sunday Dec 12 @ 09:41am
Sunday Dec 12 @ 09:40am


                Kim Woo Bin for VOGUE Girl.

Sunday Dec 12 @ 10:02pm
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 09:02am
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